Ok, so aside from posting Deals, Freebies & other finds, I haven't really written much lately. Or should I say "typed" much? I feel like a kid trying to explain why I didn't turn my homework in...and I really have no explanation!

Life has not been any crazier than my household, "normal" life & "normal" schedules don't exist anyways! So, nothing new there! After so many years of working from home and my children getting older, they are finally learning that when I'm in my office, I'm not just playing on the computer!

I have put more effort lately into the balancing act though. Walking away from the computer and leaving the room completely solves that! There is so much waiting for me throughout the rest of the house at all times, as I'm sure is true for all of you, as well.

You haven't seen me going crazy with Halloween posts and talk about decorating or baking,etc., because personally, we don't "celebrate" Halloween in the same sense that we celebrate other Holidays. Halloween is more of a man-made holiday and while it's fun for the kids to dress up and of course get candy & goodies, that's about the extent we do in our household. Most of our local churches will hold a sort of Fall Festival, as an alternative to public trick or treating, which usually turns out to last longer and be more fun in the end. And they won't go to bed with nightmares like many other Halloween events!

So, what about you? Do you decorate for Halloween in the same way you do Christmas and other Holidays? Will your kids dress up and trick or treat or attend some other type of event? Inquiring minds want to know...especially since I am apparantly suffering from writers block (shall we call it "typers block" ?)

Leave us a comment and let us know!