FREEBIES - How To Get MORE THAN just your 140 FREE Address Labels!

OK, so you've seen the offer for 140 FREE Customizable Return Address Labels Well, I'm here to show you a way to get MUCH MORE than just the 140 Address Labels on that same FREE ORDER !

You can see my order above. I chose the following customized items for FREE:
250 Business Cards
Car Door Magnet
Customized Pen
Rubber Stamp
140 Return Address Labels

And here's how you can do it too! Remember, you will pay the small shipping & handling fee, but ALL your items will be FREE !! The cost of these customized items can be quite pricey, so this is a great deal!

Once you have clicked HERE you choose the design of your labels and of course customize with name, address or whatever you choose. Then follow the "next" buttons until you get to checkout. "Skip" all other discount offers. Once you are at the checkout which shows your labels are free, then click "Continue Shopping". On the main page of the site, you'll see the menu on the top left (sidebar) that highlights "FREE" items - there is one for business and one for personal. You can go through and order each of these items, just as you did the address labels.

Repeat those steps, continuing to checkout each time and then returning to the main menu to add & customize another FREE item. When you are finished, your final order will look like mine above and you will only pay the shipping cost !!

They have some really cute design colors and styles ! I took advantage of this offer twice!

Just a hint, you can also do this more than once, as I did. I placed an order yesterday and then using the same link above(for promo code), again today. Got all things FREE on both orders! I needed business cards, rubber stampers and labels for my ebay, flea market and amazon orders, so I know the savings on these!

I don't know how long they will run this promo, so I'd hurry over if you want to take advantage of this deal!