I haven't created a new Mondays Money Maker post in a while and thought it was definately overdue for all of you that are new around here or might have missed any of my other posts.

In my 10+ years as a Stay At Home Mom turned Work At Home Mom, I have tried pretty much every avenue available to make extra money online. It is very difficult to sort through and figure out which offers are legitimate money makers. I've created a list of companies that I actually receive a check from and have found to be a dependable source of extra income.

If you are new to taking surveys and other online income avenues, READ MY TIPS HERE to avoid the pitfalls of mega spam and signing up for things that will just be a waste your time.

Then be sure to check out my list of Tried & True Recommended Extra Money Makers below:

NPD Online Research GroupPaid surveys offered

Valued Opinions Paid Surveys w/ option to redeem for Free Gift Cards

TOLUNA: Earn $1 to $5 each time you take a survey.

Inbox Dollars: $5 Signup Bonus - Get Paid to take Surveys, Read Emails & More *I have been using them for about a year. I participate only in the actual survey offers and read all the paid emails. I average around $130-$150 per month and have upgraded to weekly payouts. Minimum payout is $30 to request your check via mail

Survey Savvy Paid Surveys - no minimums to get payout!

SWAGBUCKS: Although SwagBucks is a reward based program, I include it in my Extra Money Makers because I redeem my swagbucks for over $200 in Amazon Gift Cards & Paypal Cash each month. *CLICK HERE to read more about SwagBucks

As I always clarify, the more you participate in surveys offered by companies, the more surveys they will offer to you. Also, make sure you complete that particular sites "profile" for your household, as it helps them to target you for specific surveys.

And remember, there is no such thing as get rich quick or start taking surveys and leave your day job next week! It has taken me many years to be able to build a predictable income that replaced my "real world" job. It starts very small and will build over time. As with all things, you get out of it what you put into it!