You may remember the Product Review I did (or shall we say my son did!) for Googly Bands in THIS POST. These silly bracelets are STILL all the rage with kids! I have an upcoming Review & Giveaway of some new & unreleased versions of Googly Bands that your little ones might not have seen or gotten yet! *Hint*They are NOT bracelets!It's going to be exciting!

This Wednesday, 08/18, Googly Bands will be retiring all Series 1, 3, and 4 Googly Bands! They have invited all of my readers to join the Official Retirement Party at 3pm PST. Tons of prizes will be given out at this LIVE hour-long party! (I'll be posting a reminder on FB so you can join me in the fun!)

Make sure you "like" them now on Facebook so you can join in the fun on Wednesday and possibly even WIN some great prizes that your kids are sure to Love ! CLICK HERE to RSVP for the party!

If by some bizarre occurrance or you are in a remote location, sheltered from the world and you have not ever heard of Googly Bands, CLICK HERE to visit their website!

I hope you'll plan to attend their Series Retirement Party on Wednesday and be sure to mention you were invited by Frugal Fabulous Finds!

I'll be following up their Celebration with a Review of 2 of their newest products and a Giveaway here of our own !

1 Mouse Pad for .99¢