PRODUCT REVIEW : Googly Bands + Design Contest

Googly BandsGoogly Bands

My 10 year old was so excited when I was chosen to review Googly Bands! (Can't you tell? He looks like he just hit the jackpot!) He and his friends are all wearing, collecting & trading them and he couldn't wait to help me open the packages that were sent for us to try out in order to write this review. If your kids aren't wearing them now, watch's coming! Googly Bands are the newest and hottest collectible since Beanie Babies!

Genuine Googly® Bands are stretchable, bounce backable, wearable, collectible and unbelievable! They are available in tons of cool shapes in lots of hot colors. My sons favorites are the Sports shaped ones! Googly® Bands stretch out to wear, and always return back to their original shape when you take them off!

Googly Bands

This is one trend I happen to love, because it is easy on the wallet! Googly Bands are available at most major retailers, including Walmart and Walgreens. My son is now forever on the hunt for any designs he does not have yet, and the glow in the dark ones, which are much harder to come by, are his favorites!

Another great thing I like about Googly® Bands is that they care about the environment. Their packaging is recyclable and creates less waste, which is good for the planet!

Googly Bands

Googly Bands bands just announced their first ever Googly Band Design Contest! The winner will receive a $50 gift card and a chance to design the new style of Googly Bands. My son is already brainstorming on this one, so check with your kids and submit an entry on their website!

You can stay on top of this trend and new design releases by visiting Googly Bands on FACEBOOK and also on TWITTER! It'll keep you in the know and make you a cool mom...hehehe
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Disclosure: I received 2 packages of Googly Bands for the purpose of this review. As always, this compensation did not influence my opinion and honest review of the product.