My Last BUDGET CREATION Post with Tips on how to create and stick to a budget featured the basics of getting started! If you began to take a look at the basics of your household finances - the amount of money coming in and the amount of money going out - then you are on the right track! Now I have another great FREE Tool to get you headed even further down the path to make that process even easier! is a FREE service that helps you create a budget, track your spending, save money, and make your bank account a LOT easier to manage. Over 1,000,000 people already use Mint's online money management and budgeting software,(I've been using it for over a year!) and it's been featured on almost every morning show, newspaper, and magazine.

What I like most about Mint's FREE Software is that it does it ALL for you! It imports information from my bank account and CATEGORIZES them for me (gas, groceries, etc.) I can manually override if I need, but it does this very well and saves me a lot of time! They are also already setup with most banks and other accts that you likely already have and if you are like me, you have to pay each one separately online, etc. ALL of this can be done and automatically entered into your budget for easy and to the penny tracking! I LOVE this software! It really does do it all for you!

Very quickly becoming the BEST Free Money Management Software, they're adding over 3,000 users every day. is tracking $175 billion in transactions, $47 billion in assets and has identified more than $300 million in potential savings for its users.

If you are serious about management your finances, you need to check it out! A great way to know exactly where every penny goes, keep you accountable and to keep yourself on track with your budget and financial goals!
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