3rd Rite Aid Trip for Freebies & the Physicians Formula Money Maker ! $5.91 for 16 items

Rite Aid Deals This Week

If you are new to RiteAid SCR, Wellness Program, Stacking Coupons and/or their Video Values Program, Make sure you read my tips for utilizing all the savings available to you at RiteAid

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RP & SS are abbreviations for the weekly Sunday Paper Coupon Inserts

The Money Maker Physicians Formula was calling my name again and I couldn't resist a 3rd trip to get my 2 Free Physicians Formula Products and get the overage applied to a few other things I needed! I also snagged some more Freebies. You can get this weeks Full Coupon & Sales Matchups in these 2 posts: Full List is HERE and Physicians Formula Money Maker matchup is HERE.

For todays trip, pictured above, I purchased 16 items and my final cost after stacked coupons, sales and Wellness Savings was $5.91
I love trips like this!! I have a feeling I have at least 2 more trips left in me this week for more Free Physicians Formula + overage!
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