Tipster Tuesday - Marriage & Budget

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Well, this weeks Tipster Tuesday is a little different than usual!But there are actually two tips I'm gonna share that I've been very excited about.

My hubby and I had fallen into a "rut" for the last few monthes or so. I was working about 50 hours a week with mixed up hours/shifts so I had been either at work or asleep, literally! That's not only wearing on the one doing it (me!) but it wears down the other half as well. I had to take a step back and remind myself of all that is important to me in my life. The top of the list being my children and my hubby. While the rest of the world looks on and things things are going so well for you, they have no idea. Working those kind of hours every week takes it toll on everyone. And it's only when you take the time to slow down and analyze things that you realize it. It's so strange how people around you can praise you for "doing so well" based on their own idea of what "success" is. Well, I'm sorry, but working 50 hours a week, rarely getting to see my children other than late at night when they are already asleep or early in the morning long enough to say I've gotta go to work...that's NOT my idea of success or of my life "going so well". It never has been. I went back to work in 2008 because circumstances called for it, but as always, circumstances change and priorities reallign :) In the past 15 years, I've worked a total of 3 years outside the home, the rest was either with my own business, or my extra money making ventures. I'm an obsessive budgeting, penny pinching, thrift store shopping nut(!), have no debt other than house & a very manageable car payment, so to conform to someone elses idea that I am "doing well" only when I am working outside my home, just because that is the "normal" thing to do...well, it's just senseless to me. I'm grateful that God has planted in me some great creativity and skill to be able to predictably earn money from home with various outlets. So anyways, yes, I'm bucking the "normal" and the "doing so well" comparisons that I get measured up with!

Anyways, my point before I rambled...hehe...was that in the last couple weeks, my hubby and I have been working through a lot of issues that stemmed from me working so much. We really just needed to spend some time together...amidst the craziness of life, kids, bills, etc., etc., sometimes we forget that. That's Tip #1 this week...to make a conscious effort to reconnect with your spouse. So I've done a couple things that I'm excited about and just had to share with you all!

First of all, I booked us a little getaway to a really nice 4 star hotel(Big Savings at CheapOStay!)...just 2 nights and not so far away, but with two purposes in mind! Joyce Meyer is coming to Winston Salem which I had planned to go to and carpool with friends, but he said he wanted to come with me! I thought that would be the perfect time for us to get away from everything and have some alone time. So we'll be heading to Winston to see Joyce on that Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I can't wait! I told him I booked us a room, but didn't spill all the details about it, so our very nice suite with a jacuzzi tub will be a surprise!

To top it off, ( and FINALLY, here is my other tip!)I decided we needed to make a weekly date night. Always say it and never do it...so it got added to my schedule. And, of course, eating out usually blows a budget and completely absorbs any money you saved on other things, so I found a way to eat out with my husband once a week, for less than I can cook at home! Here's how !

Tip #2 this week :

With this site, you can purchase gift certificates online
any day of the week to some of your favorite places! The savings are unbelievable! You can get a $25 gift certificate for just $10.

To top that off, when you sign up to get their emails, you'll get the discount codes, so here's what I did:

I purchased $100 worth of gift certificates to 3 of our favorite restaurants and I only paid $6..yes, SIX BUCKS for $100 !!! That was one $50 gift certificate and 2 $25 gift certificates. You print them out and they are valid for 1 year. I love it! I don't know why I didn't know about this before now, but now that I do, IT IS ON !!

So do you need to spend some more time with your significant other? Need to plan a date night but don't want to blow your budget? Go snag a gift certificate for $10 or less!

That is a definate Frugal Fabulous Find! And spending some alone time with my awesome husband is the icing on the cake !