It's Tuesday and most people aren't even thinking about their weekly grocery trip, which they also usually don't do until Friday or the weekend. So, I have another tip for today.

The best way to make sure you save at the grocery store is to be prepared! Make your grocery list and get your coupons matched up to that weeks sales early in your week!

Equally important is to consider changing your Friday or weekend shopping day. Those are the worst days to shop! The stores are crowded, which can distract from your goal at the store. If you pick a time/day that is not as busy, you can focus on matching up your items, your shopping list and your coupons/sales without the annoyance of people in your way and the added noise.

So, don't forget to Print your Coupons before they reach their print limit! And keep a check for all the Bricks manufacturer coupons I tend to post those as I find them, on our facebook page for convenience. Bricks Coupons are great because you can print each one twice!

The most common comment I get, even from those that are trying to coupon and save is that it just never works out that way once they get in the store! That is precisely the point...take a little extra time to plan your trip and you'll predict your OOP and savings before you leave the house!