Get $4 off $20 at CVS !

So I stumbled upon a really great "rewards" type program for Recycling! partners with cities and haulers to reward households for recycling. Households earn RecycleBank Points that can be used to shop at over 1,500 local and national businesses.

And of course, it's not available in my area :( BUT, even if you can't collect rewards for your daily/weekly curbside recycling, you can still participate and get points.

Here's a quick way to snag $4 off $20 at CVS !

1) Create a RecycleBank Account on their site
2) Login and then go the Go to the "Earn Points" Tab
3) Join the Ebay Green Team for 50 points
4) Go to "Get Rewards" and choose "Pharmacies" from the list
5) Redeem 50 points for $4 off $20 at CVS

They will mail you the coupon ! Pretty simple:)

There are other ways to earn points and also lots of things to redeem them on. Many seem to require a lot of points, but if you go through the sections, you'll find quite a few really good coupon and savings offers. I mailed in some old cell phones and mp3 players that were broken and got points for them! They even pay for the postage to mail items to them, you just print it and attach to package! Pretty nice way to Recycle, I'd say it's a definate Frugal Fabulous Find !