Freebies in my mail today - 6 CFL Bulbs !! Energy Savings Program with Duke Energy

I was so excited when I got my mail today! I had a rather large box, but haven't ordered anything big that I could remember, so I couldn't wait to open it! I love surprises:) And this was a really good one!

You may remember my post about our Huge Electric Bills and ways I am trying to bring our bill down to size(Find It HERE)

Well, we have electricity through Duke Energy (also known as Duke Power) and I had searched their site for lots of tips on ways to lower your power bill and such. They had a link to register to receive energy savings tips, etc. and so of course I joined, and forgot all about it. I just figured I'd get some emails with tips to cut energy use. But I got a HUGE surprise today! When I opened this huge box, there was a pamphlet from Duke Energy with energy saving tips, etc. and a notecard thanking me for participating in their program. In the box are 6 ( yes, 6, six !) Boxes with new CFL bulbs! There are 3 - 20 watt (equiv to 75 watt) Compact Fluorescent bulbs and 3 - 13 watt (equiv to 60 watt) CFL's !

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I've been replacing bulbs in my house one by one when I find a great sale and coupon matchup. Well, this was the motherload !! Hehehe !! I went crazy in the house, searching for bulbs to replace !

So for any of you that have power with Duke Energy I highly recommend you visit their site and browse the energy saving tip section for the signup/join page and signup for their energy savings CFL package too - up to 12 FREE CFL Bulbs !

I'm lovin it ! Hoping our power bill does too!

CLICK HERE to enter your Duke Energy Account Number and see if you are Eligible for FREE CFL Bulbs