Today is the beginning of the TAX FREE Weekend here in North Carolina. Call me a scrooge, because I never have and doubt I ever will shop during the tax free weekend!

Why, you ask?

Let's think about it. Tax Free - that means you get a discount of what 7.75% ? I think that's the current sales tax rate (unsure but it's close if not correct!) So, basically, using that number, you will save $7.75 for every $100 dollars you spend.

Hello ? I do 110% better than that on a daily basis with coupons matched up to sales.

It must be the "sound of it" that drives consumers out to fight for parking, struggle to get down isles and stand in long checkout lines. It certainly can't be the savings percentage. I guess I'm the odd ball out, because 7.75% discount is completely not even worth the time it takes to try to find a parking place! Much less to deal with the aggrivation of over crowded stores!

The only time that I would remotely consider hitting the Tax Free Weekend, would be for a very large purchase, like a computer. The tax free policy applies to computer purchases that are below $3500. So, if you're planning on that large of a purchase, then it might be worth it, though I still think comparing sales prices and stores might even get me more of a discount than 7.75%.

Here's how the purchasing breaks down for this weekend:

North Carolina's Tax Free Weekend: Aug. 6-8, 2010

Applies to:

•Clothing, footwear, and school supplies under $100
•Sports and recreation equipment under $50
•Computers under $3,500
•Computer equipment under $250

I'll leave to you all to fight the crowds on this one. I haven't hit the stores on this weekend and I'm certainly not gonna start this year either!

What about you? Are you heading out to brave the crowds this weekend?