Above you can see my actual Receipt for a prescription that I dread filling every month. Notice what I've circled, the original cost of $203.99 and my cost of $143.87. The $60+ discount is NOT from Health Insurance, as we have not replaced ours yet since my husbands company closed in December of 2009.

After a couple monthes of this budget killer, I got smart and Printed this FREE PRINTABLE RX DISCOUNT CARD. I really didn't think it would work, but with an extra $200 expense per month, I was willing to try everything and anything! To my surprise, all of the pharmacies near me accepted it ( Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens & WalMart) and the discount the Free Printable Rx Card gave me was a whopping 60 bucks! WOOHOO! I was jumping for joy!

Now, I have an even better update for you! After a few monthes of affording even the discounted price, I dug harder and found the Lilly Cares program. This is the company that makes my medication. I mentioned other company programs like it in THIS POST HERE.

So, I submitted my paperwork (income verifications, tax forms, etc.) to them, signed by my Doctor...I had nothing to lose, right?

That was about 5 weeks ago and last night I realized I had 2 more days of my medication left before I would have to fill it again and fork out another $143. On a whim, I decided to call the 800 number to check the status of my application. WOOHOO! They approved it and mailed my medication to my Doctor. I picked up 4 monthes worth at no charge!

The cost of 12 monthes worth of my medication = $2,448
My cost with the Free Rx Discount Card = $1,728

That means I just cut $1728 off our Budget for the next year!

I just had to share this with you all! Cutting $144/month out of monthly expenses can be very difficult to do for me, as I already have them squeezed to minimums! This means I'll get to use that money toward paying off my car sooner than we planned or additional fund toward saving & giving!

God is Good ! (ALL the time!)

CLICK HERE to get your FREE Printable Rx Discount Card !

Free RX Drug Card