I've told you before about how much I love the Daily Worth Newsletter for Women, but I just have to share another snippet from todays email. As I've mentioned a few times, each day of the week has a different focus on finances for women. Today's email was absolute perfect timing!

Titled "Fall Into Financial Freedom", with a focus on this time of has gone back in and we are rapidly heading into Fall! Todays awesome FREE personal finance tips were focused on 5 small steps that enable you to worry less and feel more in control — so that it takes less effort to manage your finances this fall. Today was Step 1: Declutter Your Budget.

"Declutter" your budget was an awesome way to explain how easily our finances can become cluttered (just like our homes) if we don't organize into specifics and stay on top of it!

If you haven't signed up for DAILY WORTH yet, you are seriously missing out on an awesome resource of financial tips focused specifically on Women and all that goes along with that...we are Moms, Wives and so much more - we are such complex individuals!

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