I got this super deal in my email today and wanted to share it with you! Probably the only thing that I tend to be "less" frugal with is my skincare. For one thing, my skin just will not allow me to use the majority of brands available in WalMart or Drug Stores because of the amount of fragrance ingredients in them. I've known since my teenage years that it's a waste of my money to even try! I also learned when going back to college to get my Esthetician License, that there are many more ingredients that my skin doesn't like and that most over the counter products are not allowed to contain enough of an ingredient to really have an effect on your skin and produce results. Their claims are always great, but the products can't live up to it legally per FDA regulations!

While I can't get "Cheap" & "Free" skincare, I do still apply some Frugality to my purchases. For one, I always choose to purchase when there is a sale or Gift With Purchase type deal. At least if I have to spend a little more to get products that work for me, I can still get some extras & freebies!

One of the brands that has worked well with my skin for years is Murad. Their product lines have more natural ingredients, as well as pharmaceutical grade ingredients that really do produce results. Whether it's for acne for your teen (or self!) or the results of stress and environment on your own skin, I've found their product lines to be awesome!

Every online order includes 3 FREE SAMPLES, which I love! Right now, they are also offering 2 bonus Lip products with any $40 order. So that's 5 Freebies for one order! Just in case any of you have or do use Murad Skincare, I thought I'd pass this deal along!

CLICK HERE to place any order with Murad and get 3 Free Samples with your order!

If you place an order of $40 or more, Use Promo Code " MURAD40 " and you'll get the 2 Bonus Lip products added to your order for Free, Plus FREE SHIPPING !

My favorite Murad Products are the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser and their Age Diffusing Serum. If you aren't seeing results with your current skin care regimen, I highly recommend these 2 !