WOOHOO! I'm sure many of you have read my posts about how much I love my Recycle Bags and keep my trunk stocked full with my collection, so I NEVER have to use plastic again. I've paid everywhere from .99cent for the cheap ones up to $9.99 for nicely designed Canvas bags, so this deal is a STEAL for a customized Tote Bag !

Well, here's your chance to snag one of my FAVORITE freebies from VistaPrint and add to your own collection of Recycle Bags or if you prefer to say, a customized Tote Bags!

These bags are great for anything and everything! I consider it my eco-friendly carry-all bag.

You can choose from over 36 very cute & stylish designs or you can upload your own photos to personalize your Tote Bag!

This is a 100% canvas tote bag and can be customized with your name and/or message. That makes it a very nice GIFT IDEA for a teacher or family member...even for kids, personalize with their name!

This is a Rare FREEBIE from VistaPrint! I've only seen it offered once before, and that's when I got mine! All you have to do is CLICK HERE and do the following:

  • Select the Free Tote Bag & pick a design or upload your own.
  • After approving the artwork/design, you'll be asked to choose what you want on the reverse of the tote.
    *Blank is free. Anything else is extra.
  • After selecting "blank" or choosing a design for the reverse, just Signup or Login as a VistaPrint customer
  • Select shipping options which is around $4.40 for "Slow" or around $6.15 for "Standard"

    That's it! I'm not sure how long this offer will last, it's one of the most popular ones, so CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE TOTE NOW!
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