Thoughts for Thursday - Recycling Plastic Bags and using Recycle Totes

I have never been one to jump on any bandwagon, take any major political stand or the like. So it's a HUGE surprise that over the past few monthes I have become very insistant on using Recycle Bags when shopping. Those PILES AND PILES of plastic bags under my kitchen sink, overflowed and made their way into even more and more piles in my pantry. And I'd finally had it! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Now I'm just talking about 1 households plastic bag accumulation. Can you really imagine the millions or likely billions that end up in our landfills, or blowing with the wind into natural areas and cause problems for wildlife, not to mention just plain ugliness that takes way too many years to degrate? Did you know that nearly 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year and that an average family throws away approx. 1,500 plastic trash bags per year! For whatever reason, this is one of those "controversial" issues that has really hit home with me and I feel the need and more likely, the duty, to do my part to keep this process from continuing.

Most stores now have their own Recycle Totes available for purchase. Some even PAY YOU to use them!(CVS Green Bag Tag $1 every 4th scan/trip and Target gives 5cent discount for every recycle bag you use!)They are also usually pretty cheap at about 50cent to $1 per bag. The average Recycle Tote holds 2 to 3 times as many items as a plastic bag, and even better than that, there's no risk of it ripping and breaking or ruining whatever is inside! Can you say busted milk or 2 liters? That happened to me one too many times, even with doubled plastics.

Recently, at a trip to our local Merita bread store, I noticed their sign that they are now charging 3cents for each plastic bag you use! Some states have now banned the use I really think I'm just one step ahead of the game! I foresee in the very near future that all stores will either not offer plastic or will charge for it, to discourage it's use.

Maybe it's really a sign that I'm getting older...I don't know, but I know that feel the responsibility now and won't turn back. If that's the case, then here's the contradiction to that thought....the designs are so cute on the Recycle Totes now that it's almost become an obsession to have them! I have one that I even carry just because it is so cute! And when my 18 year old daughter saw one, she had to have one too! CVS just redesigned some of theirs and though I already had tons of the Green Bags, I just had to grab one of the new Black ones with the Green recycle designs on it ( I had a coupon for half-off, too, of course!)

So, is it catching on with any of you? I would really like to know if you are utilizing the cute Recycle Totes and rejoicing over the non-clumped pile of plastics, or are you still using the plastic bags? Please post and share! Inquiring minds want to know :)

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