One of the top questions I get about SwagBucks is, of course, "How Do I Get More SwagBucks?" Since I started using SwagBucks back in March of this year, I average between 150-200 SwagBucks per day. I've been averaging redemption of my SwagBucks for several $50 Amazon Gift Cards each month. I then use those for houshold needs that we would be buying anyways, or I sell them on Ebay for cash - either way my SwagBucks are contributing to our monthly Budget by either adding to the amount of cash coming in or the amount cash going out!

So, I've put together this reminder for those of you that are new to SwagBucks, as well as those of you that might not realize you have these Free SwagBucks available to you DAILY!

Each of these quick tasks will get you (1) SwagBuck per day = 120 SwagBucks per month (30 days)
You'll find the links on SB's homepage on the Left Menu under "Ways To Earn"
  • Just having the Toolbar Installed gets you 1 Daily SwagBuck
  • Voting in the Daily Poll gets you 1 Daily SwagBuck
  • Visiting the Survey Dashboard gets you 1 Daily SwagBuck
  • Visiting the No Obligation Special Offers Page gets you 2 Daily SwagBuck

    So, for less than 2 minutes of your time per day, if you do each of these things, you'll get those Daily Swagbucks that add up to 140 SwagBucks per month !

    Another tip if you are new to SwagBucks, is to make sure you fill out the "Survey Profiles" located with the "Trusted Surveys". These are fairly quick surveys about you & your household that qualify you to get surveys based on your demographics. While the survey offers aren't guaranteed and may fluctuate, these are GUARANTEED SwagBucks - one time only offers! Once you've completed them, they won't be offered again, but when I did mine, I think I got a total of around 150-200 SwagBucks between them all!

    Also, of course, your Daily Searches and SwagCodes are added bonus SwagBucks each day!

    I hope these tips help you better utilize SwagBucks on a Daily basis to get more SwagBucks!

    And if you have no idea what we are constantly talking about with "SwagBucks" and why we are all doing it, make sure you read up HERE !
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