You may remember the awesome deal that I and many of you took advantage of not too long ago, for the $55 credit toward an 8x10 Photo on Canvas.( STILL AVAILABLE HERE ) We've all been ecstatic about the quality of these items and I now LOVE this company and LOVE Canvas Photos!

Well, now's your chance to take advantage of another great offer from this company! This time they are offering New Users a $25 credit toward ANY SIZE Canvas Photo you choose! And to top it off, FREE SHIPPING! (We didn't get that last go around!)

This is an awesome deal and I just can't tell you what a wonderful keepsake the Canvas Photos are and especially great for gifts!

If you missed out last time, Go ahead and get yours now while this offer is good! It's the best one I've seen from them yet and I doubt it lasts long! I believe they just rolled out this awesome promo for Father's Day and then it will be gone!

A great tip is not only to upload photos to be turned into Canvas Portraits but also your childs artwork! I scanned in one of my sons drawings and it came out beautifully on Canvas! A FOREVER KEEPSAKE on the wall that I will treasure for years to come!

Just CLICK HERE to signup and have the $25 credit applied to your account, along with the FREE Shipping offer!
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