Walmart Savings Trip! 12 Right Guard Deodorants for less than $3 plus Lots of Coupon & Rollback Matchups!

Walmart Clearance and Rollback Deals, Matchups and Savings!

I had another AWESOME Walmart trip today! Stumbled upon an almost too good to be true deal! I found the 2 packs of Mens Right Guard Total Defense 5 Antiperspirant/Deodorant on CLEARANCE for just $2. That alone is a find, making them just $1 each! BUT, of course I had COUPONS! I still had the $3 off any 2 Right Guard Total Defense 5! So it was time to stockpile! My hubby loved this deal!

That broke down to:

$4 for 4 deodorants
-$3 Q,
Final Cost= $1 for total of 4

Of course I had more coupons in my stash, so I scored 6 Twinpacks - total of 12 Deodorants for a final cost of $3.00. WOW !! 12 Right Guard Total Defense 5 Anti/Deo for just $3.00, has to be one of my greatest finds yet!So, you might want to check your WalMart deodorant isle and see if these are also on clearance at other locations!

I snagged the Vitamin Waters basically like BOGO. Walmart has them priced at $1 and I had a Sunday Paper Coupon for $1 off 2, making one FREE, or .50cent each.

My entire trip for just a few things we needed, some FREE things I had Q's for and to scour more prices and deals, (pictured above) was $19.57 for 19 items. That means I got everything you see in the above pic for less than $1 each ! And you know each one costs a lot more than $1 ! I am always very pleased when I coupon at WalMart!

There are many more deals that I didn't snag yet, based on this weeks rollbacks! Some really great Rollback & Coupon Matchups! Visit Passion for Savings Weekly WalMart Deals to view them ! You should also checkout the WalMart Forum at We Use Coupons, where you'll get indepth matchups and weekly deals!
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