WACKY WEDNESDAY - Ever Have one of those days? Or maybe one of those weeks?

Wacky Wednesday

Remember the Wacky Wednesday Book from Dr. Seuss? It was one of my favorites! And it was the first thing that came to mind today as I shuffled through my To-Do list. Todays To-Do list also consists of Tuesdays To-Do's and some of Monday's To-Do's....yes, I'm having one of those weeks!

You know the kind of week where you feel like you're running and doing but getting nowhere? That's the one! And today being the middle of the week, I guess I'm about to throw my hands up! I've just decided to give in to it...LOL Apprarently, I just need to slow down and breathe this week! So, this post is just a note for all my loyal readers here and those of you on Facebook, to let you know that I haven't forgotten to post this weeks Store Matchups & Deals and many other usual posts! Let's just say that they are delayed, but will be up soon! This is one of those weeks when a busy household and a busy blog just don't seem to mesh !

A quick note, also, for those of you here on the blog that aren't a "liker" of us on Facebook, or a member of our group there. Most of the hottest free samples & deals I will post on Facebook, just for the convenience! So make sure you "Like" us on Facebook and never miss a new coupon, free sample or deal!

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