RiteAid suggestions for my local Albemarle and Stanly County Friends & Fans !

Well, I was going to write a very lengthy post about my horrible experience at the East Main Street RITEAID located in Albemarle. We are very lucky to have 2 RiteAid Stores here in Albemarle, North Carolina, and I'm even more grateful for that now!

Rather than go on and on about my horrible couponing experience at this RiteAid, store # 11431, I've decided to spin it around and rave about RiteAid store # 11430 in Albemarle, as well.

Of course, venting about the appearingly very nieve and uneducated staff at the East Main Street store and their now comical view that I couldn't use coupons on certain items, because it just didn't "seem right", since they were already on sale....LOL...WOW, is all I will say to the apparent lack of store knowledge and operations knowledge passed onto employees of this store through their management team. EVERY store employee should be fully aware of their own stores coupon policies. It should not be up to the customer to pull out their own hardcopy of those policies(don't leave home without it!) and point these things out. Really !

OK, let me get back to the part where I am not going to vent and rant but am going to RAVE about the wonderful staff of the RiteAid on the other side of town!

It is my personal recommendation to all of my Albemarle friends that you shop at the RiteAid location just across from Harris Teeter in Albemarle. That is store # 11430 on Salisbury Avenue.

The staff at this store is so friendly and always welcomes me and more importantly, my coupons, with a smile! The store Manager there is Randy and he has been with that store for what has to be over 20 years now! I actually worked there when I was 15 and it was named Eckerd's ! Randy is very knowledgeable about his company and about how to treat customers and handle coupons.

There are other gems in this store as well! Helen is a very helpful cashier who is amazed every time that I coupon there and is always very patient to make sure all the coupons scan and I get all the savings I am supposed to!

RiteAid puts so much effort into gaining couponing customers online through their video values program, single check rebate program and other couponing incentives, and it is such a shame to allow 1 store shed such a bad light on this company. If I didn't have an alternate store with such a wonderful staff, after my experience tonight at store #11431, RiteAid would have lost me completely as a customer and a supporting blogger.

Ok, so maybe this was my vent post afterall? hehehe...ya know what they say, blogging is good for the soul! And of course, it's my bloggy and I'll cry if I want to !!

Thanks for "virtually" listening to my sugarcoated rant/vent :)

P.S. For those they know me all too well...YES! I sent a letter and emails to their district manager and corporate office with my knew I did...didn't you ?!

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