Mondays Money Maker Tips - Update on all the $ I've made with SWAGBUCKS !

Earn Money with SwagBucks

SwagBucks has turned out to be a very dependable extra money maker for me! You can see my breakdown of what I have redeemed above. This month, I've redeemed my SwagBucks for $45 Cash sent to me through Paypal, which gets instantly transferred to my bank, another $5 Gift Card for, and 2 very nice Eco-friendly shirts.

I have decided to redeem ALL future SwagBucks for Cash on Paypal, and added it to my list of Money Makers. Combine the $45 I made with them so far this month with all of the extra money makers that I've told you all about, and it's become one of the easiest ways to make extra money on the list!

I'm averaging around 75 SwagBucks per day, just for doing web searches, grabbing the SwagCodes, etc. They add up really fast! I'm now looking at it as equivalent to Cash Money -forgetting the prizes, money in the bank is always better!

If you haven't started with SwagBucks yet, what are you waiting for? Just download and install the toolbar to use for your normal searches and start earning! Then keep your eyes out for the SwagCode Alerts I post on Facebook for those daily bonuses! As TSG says, Happy SwagSurfin to all Swaggernauts!
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