Monday's Money Maker Tips - I've Replaced my Day Job Paycheck with Online Income !

The results are in! In January of 2010, I began putting more effort into my extra money making ventures to see just how close I could get to replacing the income that I was making with my "real world" job. Many of you know that I took medical leave to have some oral surgery that I am still in the midst of and have at least another 4-6 weeks before it's all completed and I'm healed and back to normal. (Yes, it's taking way longer than I planned, but that is a whole other post!)

I took advantage of my newly found "downtime" and began utilizing all the extra money makers that I've piddled with from time to time. Ebay, Amazon, a flea market booth, paid emails, name it, I've tried it all! So, I focused on the ones that have actually worked for me and that I'd actually received a check from, and the results are in !

After a very tedious detailing of payouts from each of these avenues for the entire month of March, I've discovered that I actually exceeded my average paycheck when working! WOOHOO!
It's harder to see on a daily basis, because it may come in $5 here and $10 there, so I made a point to keep a log of each and every payment I received for the entire month of March.

Those of you that have followed my Monday's Money Maker Tip posts, know that I've explained them in detail along with my tips to actually make them work for you and skip on all the spam and time stealing things that get you sidetracked and don't pay! You can search the blog here for all my previous posts.

So, this Monday's Money Maker Tips is yet another compilation of all of the Frugal Fabulous Finds Tried and True Money Makers!These are the best of the best, the ones that I have tried and actually been paid out from. I hope you'll find something that works for you as well, and remember, none of them will allow you to quit your day job tomorrow. But, I have found that my own combination of those that work best for me and a little extra time and effort on my part can and have produced a dependable amount of extra money. Combine that with a very detailed and strict budget and major couponing and saving practices and you're well on your way!

I've listed my top Money Makers in order based my on favorites - those that make me the most $$, from the top producing, down to the smallest.

  • Survey Savvy
  • Panda Research
  • Toluna Surveys & Polls
  • Vindale Research
  • Valued Opinions

  • And last but not definately NOT least, I have to include SWAGBUCKS because I've been redeeming all my SwagBucks for Cash Money into my Paypal Account or for Amazon Gift Cards! This turned that rewards program into a great Money Maker for me! Of course, you can still always redeem your Swagbucks for other things (like the 3 FREE Shirts I got last month!) but I decided to turn it all into Cash and add it to my list of money makers!

    Here's to making money from home while you are still in your PJ's !!! That's my favorite perk of all :)