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I had the opportunity to try out a Brand New Stain & Odor Remover product today and fell in love with it! For about 10 years, we have had hardwood floors and/or the laminate flooring throughout our house and at the time I loved it. Then I began to really hate it because of the dust accumulation daily! So, when we moved into our new home this past November, we chose to install carpet. I love it actually, but over the last couple monthes have been reminded why I grew to be so fond of hardwood and laminate flooring with kids and pets in our house!

Can anyone say spills, accidents, pets, Stains...and more stains? Yes, now I remember why I didn't like carpet! Our carpet that is less than 6 monthes old is already showing signs of wear just from the stains alone!

With 2 boys, my hubby, myself and 2 cats, along with my oldest daughter and GRANDbaby who come to stay at least 1 or 2 days a week, I think my household puts any cleaning product to the test!

So, I got this very large bottle (20 oz.) of "Kids 'N' Pets" Instant All Purpose Stain & Odor Remover, to see if any of this damage could be reversed. The bottle states it is "Professional Strength Carpet Cleaner" and is "Guaranteed" to eliminate stains and odors. We shall see!

I've used the foaming carpet cleaners and they never seem to do much except make it smell help for serious stains! I've tried most all of the trigger handled spray products for stains, which are so expensive and I will only purchase them when they are on sale AND I have a great coupon. This product can be purchased for as little as 5 bucks, so I was skeptical, but hopeful!

The first thing I like about it is that it really is a very large bottle that is full and because it is more of a "pour" type spout application, you have more control over how much you use. For the larger stains, I was able to well saturate them. The bottle directions told me to wait 5 minutes after applying to a newer stain or up to an hour for an older or more stubborn dried stain.I'm not so patient, so I only waited 5 minutes on the stains you see above.

Stain #1 is who knows what! These spotty stains are in the doorway area between my living room and kitchen hall so it is a major traffic spot. The stains have caught my eye every time I walk through and all I could think after trying a couple things, was that I was going to have to get a throw rug to cover them up! hehehe

Stain #2 is some sort of fruit punch that dripped from my GRANDbaby's sippy cup. RED PUNCH like koolaid, which is always one of those that I know will not come out!

After waiting 5 minutes on stain #1, I blotted the spots with a clean white kitchen towel. WOW! The towel seemed to just soak up all the "dirt" without even scrubbing! I would normally scrub back and forth and then in a circular motion and that was not necessary! My arms were thankful for that!

Excitedly on to stain #2....

This is a tough one! We all know that red dye #whatever, is always the worst. So, 5 minutes didn't do much. I was a little too impatient with that one! So, I reapplied to the spots and decided to let it soak in longer this time. I waited 30 minutes and tested one of the spots. Patted the towel over it and peeled it back to see if it worked. WOOHOO! It was not completely gone, but it was definately faded more and not as large and visible. That's a definate improvement for bright red stains on a very light beige carpet! I allowed the other spots to soak about 15 more minutes and they were virtually invisible! Yeah!

Now, part of what I like about this product is its ability to remove stains AND odors from many of those bad mommy day messes that we are all too familiar with! You know what I mean....the diaper blowouts, puking viruses and the like that we really don't want to think about once it's over, much less be reminded by the stains and smells!

There are several other things that have won me over to this product! It is completely non-toxic and child safe, with no harsh chemicals. There are no "cover up" perfumes! When I have used the foaming carpet cleaners in the aerosol can, the vapors alone will choke you up! Definately none of that with this product, which is great with a toddler around the house and all over the floor!

Since this cleaner can be purchased for around $5 in most stores and actually does what it says, it is now a "Frugal Fabulous Find"!

I'm very excited to tell you that you can get a FREE Bottle of KidsNPets Stain & Odor Remover, just by becoming a fan on Facebook! Go Here become a fan and click on the "Free" tab. You will be able to download a Rebate Form for a 100% rebate on your purchase! A great way to try this product for FREE!

You can also get more information on their website at:

Further information:
KIDS ‘N’ PETS is a product line of stain and odor removers that are non-toxic and biodegradable, making it very safe to use around pets and children! There are other enzyme cleaners out there, but KIDS ‘N’ PETS is easy to find - being sold at Target, Wal-Mart, local grocery stores and can be purchased for as little as $5, which is much less than many competing cleaners.

Check out their Facebook Page to learn more about their deals, products and what their 3,700 fans are saying!

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