How I got 12 bottles of FREE VITAMINS at CVS This Week! Here's the deal !

WOOHOO!! I'm so excited about my 2nd trip to CVS this week! I've been able to get a total of 12 bottles of Natures Bounty Vitamins FREE this week!

Here's how you can get yours, too!

This week only ( now through Saturday ) CVS has ALL Natures Bounty Vitamins on sale, BOGO - Buy One Get One Free.

Your per bottle price will vary depending on the vitamin you choose. Here's my example:

Vitamin B12 Sublinqual (these are the dissolvable dots that go under your tongue and I swear by them!)
Per bottle price is $8.69
BOGO so 2 Bottles for $8.69

Now that means you need coupons to cover the other $8.69 so you can get both bottles free!

That's simple. Natures Bounty has an AWESOME rewards program. You enter the Product Number and Lot Number off each bottle and then you can redeem for printable coupons.

The coupons you can get from their site are bricks, so you can get 2 $2.00 off Q's each time, or 2 $3.00 off Q's or even 2 $5.00 off Q's.

I redeemed all the following codes to print $38.00 worth of coupons that I used today, along with the BOGO sale and got ALL my vitamins FREE !

Sign up for the Natures Bounty Reward Program (You'll get to print a $2.00 off Q (BRICKS SO PRINT IT TWICE USING YOUR BACK BUTTON)just for signing up!

Once you've registered, printed those Q's and logged back in, you can enter the following codes and then redeem for more Printable Coupons. Just don't forget to use your browsers back button each time you print, so that when you redeem your points and get to print that coupon, you can actually print it twice!

Enter these codes to earn points for coupons for Nature’s Bounty Products ($5, $3 & $2):

Prod# —–LOT#
13437——37044201—-Absorbable Calcium 1200mg 120 ct
16878——18209901—Odorless Fish Oil 1200mg (VALUE SIZE)
17139——3698901—-Co Q-10 200mg BONUS (VALUE SIZE) (BONUS 60+15)
27602——23493402—FISH OIL 1200 MG VALUE SIZE
4549 ——196383—–Milk Thistle 250 mg. Capsules—-100 points
19989 —–207377—–RED YEAST RICE—100 points
6212 ——224547——-Red Yeast Rice 600mg capsules—75 points
7173 ——-37002903—-Q-Sorb™ Co Q10 30 mg Softgels (BONUS 50+25)—–75 points
12990 —–207977——Coral Calcium 1000 mg Plus Capsules(120)—-50 points
3832——–20609601—-Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000 mg 110ct—50 points
3448——22992201—Cholesterol Free Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000 mg. Softgels(180)
16887—-18001501—–Odorless Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fish Oil 1200 mg. Softgels—-50 points****NEW****
2810—–24901201—–B-100® Time Release Tablets—-50 points
13321—–36583904—–Organic Flaxseed Oil 1200 mg. Softgels (BONUS 100+20)—50 points
44648—-23375601—-Natural Saw Pametto 450 mg Capsules (400cc bottle)—50 points
5572 ——6668524——ECHINCEA 400MG /B—-25 points
4360 ——9248206——CRANBERRY BONUS—25 points
13329 —–243518——-Cholesterol Free Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fish Oil 1200 mg. Softgels
2871——–207967——Sublingual Liquid B-Complex with B-12—–25 points
3830 ——23680502—-Cholesterol Free Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000 mg. Softgels (50) —25 points
922——-18374401—-Natural Echinacea & Goldenseal Plus Capsules—25 points
814——-207080—-VIT E OIL 30000 IU—-25 points ***NEW***
5569—–22318905—Natural Echinacea 400 mg. Capsules—25 points 12991—-9914704—-Coral Calcium 1000 mg Plus Capsules(60+10)–25 points
1510—228171———Pure Vitamin C 500mg 100 ct
1140—419552———Vitamin D-400 IU 100 ct.
2060—216152———Chelated Zinc 50 mg 100 ct.
7901—22085705———Melatonin 3mg 60 plus 60
2610—237822——— Probiotic Acidophilus 100 ct
41682—–23713503—-Odor-Free Garlic 2000mg 120ct 100 pts
15606—–37116201—–D-1000IU 200 softgels 50 pts
15605—–37031903—–D-1000IU 120 softgels 25 pts
4886—-36343507—–Co Q-10 100mg 36 softgels 25 pts
5535—–18576402—Magnesium 500 mg—100 tablets 25 pts

Newest codes-most worth 100pts just use any lot# from above:

This should make for at least 12 bottles FREE, depending on which vitamins you choose! I love my vitamin C, B-12 and have also just starting taking "Melatonin" which is the herbal sleep medication and it is actually working, so I stocked up on that as well!

Feel free to share this link so others can stock up on vitamins this week, too!