Saturdays Springtime Preparations & LOTS of FREE GARDENING SAMPLES

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OK, so even though it just snowed, yet again, this past week, I am still dreaming of Springtime. I mean, it really is March already! North Carolina is having a lengthy and much colder winter this year, but I can't stand it anymore!

So, I'm planning to get my yard ready for the season! And actually, I still have my Valentines flag hanging...the strong winds we've had completely overturned my huge (& heavy!) pot that sits by the front door, which I look at on my way in and out of the house and tell myself I'm coming back out to clean it up, but I haven't yet. Soooo, I've got my work cutout for me!

It's time to hang my new Spring flag, rake the leaves and begin to sort out the yard into planting areas! My birdfeeders are empty (I'm so sorry birdies!) and I never did put my landscape lights in when we moved here back in November last year. So, yes, lots to do! I guess by writing about it, I'm trying to motivate myself even more! If the sun would just shine 2 days in a row, I think it'd help me out!

I've been, as usual, reading up on different projects I want to start in my yard this year.And I found some great resources, so I thought I'd share, of course!

If you're wanting to do something in your yard, but need some "Style" inspiration, here are some great starting points:

FREE GARDEN DESIGN SAMPLES These are from Applegate Gardens where you can download High Quality design plans for various gardening styles from country to contemporary to Mediterannean and also 36 FREE Planting Plans that are really great showcasing 4 design styles for the 3 most common sunlight conditions.

You can also get more FREE BACKYARD PLANS Here Everything from woodworking to retaining walls to outdoor kitchens! LOTS to choose from! Great for ideas:)

Go to Get a FREE copy of "Beautiful Outdoor Spaces" Book by postal mail.

Get a FREE CATALOG & SEED PACKET from Bentley Seeds

If you have squirrels that like to intrude on your planting, Get a FREE 1.5 oz sample of Squirrel Away

I've also been planning to focus my new beds and plants this year to include water features and attract more birds and especially hummingbirds. I just love those tiny beauties!

The Hummingbird Society has some great information to help you know how to attract and keep hummingbirds in your garden.

I'm hoping the sun will shine today and I can get outside to begin the "cleanup" of winter and prep for spring! I have Daffodils and Iris's that are popping their heads up and in waiting, just as impatiently as I am!