Mondays Money Maker Tips - The proof that COUPONS = $$$$

I've been organizing my office, which somehow seems to be in a constant state of clutter! I'm in the middle of setting up a new coupon organizing system that I'm going to be sharing with you all soon! I can't wait! So many of you have asked me about this and I was still unhappy with the functionality of my "coupon binder", so I came up with a system to organize from the minute they hit my printer until I clip them and then use them at the store. Before this, I would have piles of coupons I printed and never filed, then it took forever to sort & clip them to go into the binder!

Sharing my new coupon organizing system will be next weeks MONDAY MONEY MAKER TIP.

How is this a Money Maker?

Because COUPONS=$$$$, and if you don't believe that, you should have been with me this past week at RiteAid!

I had a BOGO Physicians Formula coupon and they had Physicians Formula on sale for Buy One Get One Half Price. I chose a loose powder which was $13.89 and a pressed powder which was about the same price. With my coupon, that made them BOTH FREE ! Well, I went through checkout and watched her scan the coupons and my total was more than I had thought. I paid and went to the car to go back over my receipt. The cashier had scanned the BOGO coupon, but had not manually entered the item price of $13.89 for the discounted amount.

Of course, I went back in and showed the manager. He pulled the coupon from her register, scanned it again and gave me a FULL CASH REFUND for the $13.89 ! (Thank you so much to Store Mgr. RANDY @ Albemarle's First Street RITE AID!)

So, YES, coupons really do equal money !! And I walked out of the store with the $13.89 cash for that coupon and the 2 FREE Physicians Formula items worth $27.78 :)

It's time that everyone realizes that those little pieces of paper are equivalent to cash! And to help myself and those of you that have asked, I'm diligently working on my new organizing system to hold all of this money :) It has already made it so much less cluttered in my office and near my printer and I can't wait to see how it goes after a full week of putting it into action!

I'll be sharing all the details and the inexpensive way you can setup your own system like mine for next weeks Monday Money Maker Tips, until then, here are a few reminders about your coupons and the coming month end and (Can you believe it!) the new month ahead in APRIL!

Don't forget to PRINT COUPONS before they reset on Thursday!

Get serious about couponing! For me, it is a business! Not just a lifestyle, not just a is an action that does require my effort and equivilates to money for my home and my family. I put the time in and it pays off greatly!

Learn more about couponing if you are new!

Search through the posts here on my blog under the topic tags to your left ( like: "Couponing 101" )

If you REALLY want to get a handle on your finances, couponing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut back on spending. To be really successful with it and even amaze yourself at how much you save, soak up all the info you can and then apply it through your own trial and error. It won't take you long to catch on and once you see the savings and walk out of a store with bags of stuff you got for free, well, then you will definately realize it's not a trend and make it much more than a lifestyle and a nice little "business" that you enjoy devoting a time to !

Happy Couponing:)

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