I HOPE YOU DANCE : A tribute to my baby boy, "Prince W", HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

I hope you'll all forgive me if I don't post "Tipster Tuesday" today and focus instead on the moment at hand!

My baby boy turns 10 today!


My oldest (girl) of course is the Princess, who has now grown up and more into the Queen title :)

My middle son is the King, in every sense of the word. Since his father and I divorced after 12 years of marriage, He became the man of the house and so wanted to be my "protector" :)

And then there is my Prince...."W"....and this is for him:

I can't believe it's been 10 years since I first held you in my arms. At that moment, as all mothers do, I completely forgot about the fact that I literally puked every single day up until that 3rd week of being overdue to have you,and had such an uncomfortable and challenging pregnancy.

It is so hard to remember life before you! I know that I thought my life was complete for that short time, with one girl and one boy. Boy, did God have a big surprise for me! And I have not regretted one minute since!

I can't imagine my life any other way. Now that "Princess M" and "King J" are older, I know that I still cling to your innocence and pray even harder for what life lessons you will hold on to as you grow older. Being the youngest may not have been the easiest so far, but I believe that you've been able to learn and adapt to more life situations by having watched and experienced so much more!

I was such a young mommy with "Princess M" and I was a just settling into my "wifey" role when "King J" came along. Most of my "trial and error" mommy lessons were learned with them and I hope and pray that you reaped the benefit of that.

And so, as I write with tears streaming down my face, something that I doubt I will show you until you are much older....I hope more than anything else, that you will always know in your heart how much I love you and how much you completed my life and our family.

To have brought 3 babies into this world who are healthy, loving and beautiful beings is something that words cannot describe!

And so with that, I dedicate this to you, "Prince W" and I DO hope you always dance....


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