Monday's Money Maker Tips - Surveys, Reviews, Paid Emails & More!

The past few Mondays I have shared some of the ways I made extra money in 2009. From Ebay to Flea Market booths to Jewelry Assembly at home, I am constantly finding new ways to make money whether you work full time, part-time or are a SAHM ! In other words, I love to find ways to make those extra $$, but still manage a busy schedule!

Since I already shared my top money makers, I figured it was time to share some of the other ways that you can make money online. We've all heard of paid surveys, emails, etc. There are so many of them online now! It's very difficult to tell the difference from the ones that will actually send you a paycheck and those that only spam you with a million emails and "enter you" into a drawing or whatever... I've figured out that the best way to do this is to set up an email account specifically for this. (yahoo, gmail, etc.) That way your main inbox is not flooded with junk mail that can get overwhelming.

Once you sign up to a site, "skip" all the offers that they will bombard you with immediately. They, too, are making $ by your signups to those sites, as well. Stick to just the offers that come from the actual site you signed up with. Join the other sites on your own if you desire, later. I "pass" on offers that seem frivolous and wait for the ones that offer immediate payment/credit. One tip is to complete that sites "profile", which will get you surveys that are customized to your family size, lifestyle, age, etc. I recommend testing it out with one or two sites before you go join a ton of others. You'll learn by participating in the first ones what to do and not do, in order to get the genuine offers.

Most legitimate sites will require you to select a payment form option. I recommend you set up a Paypal Account to receive your payments. They are a reputable, long standing payment provider online and make it very easy to transfer your payments to your bank or to use them for online purchases, etc.

Once you've set up your new email and payment processor, you're ready to go!

Below are some of the most popular online money makers, that I personally DO make money with. Have fun & remember it's not a "get rich quick" scheme. It is, however, a nice way to earn some extra cash!

  • Homescan Consumer Panel

  • Toluna Surveys & Polls

  • Inbox Dollars

  • SwagBucks

  • Panda Research

  • Nielson Digital Voice

  • WendyLittle_FrugalFabulousFinds