Friday's Funds & Freebies Recap for the week !

By request and for my own accountability on the financial end, I'm posting my recap for this week!

First up, it was a slow freebie week! I think the wonderful USPS slows down when it's snowing ( GASP! who could ever make such an accusation! ) but nevertheless, a slow week for mail altogether for my household, but still some freebies! Some fragrance vial samplers, highlighter pen, several shampoo/conditioner packets ( I love these for traveling!) Murad Cleansing Cream sample (another travelbag great!), Prilosec OTC sample, Celestial Seasonings green Tea sample pack, Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer sample and my favorite, the 3 pack of Emergen-C Vitamin packs. Not bad for a slow mail week:)

Next up is my recap on my extra money makers for the week. A really busy week for me, likely because I have been home more to put in more efforts!

  • Ebay Net Sales paid out through Paypal : $ 209.47
  • Flea Market Sales paid out in cash : $ 51.27
  • Online Earnings ( Surveys, Affiliates,etc.) : $ 71.85

    I'm very excited about this past week! Team that up with all the free products & savings and extra care bucks/RR I made with my CVS, Walgreens and grocery trips and I'd say it's definately been a Frugal Fabulous week!

    Now I had better get to photographing items and listing on ebay or I won't have anything to report next week!! :)

    Be sure to stop back on Monday for my Money Making Tips !


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