WOW Wednesday !

Wow Wednesday...I think that's what I'll call every Wednesday!

It's the day of the week when I WOW at the majority of my work week being over and push myself for just a couple more days to focus on my upcoming days off so I can catch up on things at home! I guess that's why they call it "Humpday", but I'd just rather make up my own name for it :)

This week has been crazy for me. I pulled a 12 hr shift yesterday and am getting ready to head back in for one more shift, but then I have 2 days off! Boy, do I miss the days when I was a stay at home mom! I love my job and since my kids are older now, I don't feel the daily pressure to be at home as I did when they were younger, but I miss how much more organized I was and I was on top of things! Laundry was always up to date and every nook and cranny of the house organized and clean. As I look back, I think that I was so able to do all that because that WAS my job ! It has been such an adjustment for me to go back to work, not just for me, but also for my kids. No longer do I pick them up after school and it's much more rare for me to stop in and eat lunch with them at school, which was once a weekly event. Gone are the days when they came home to a perfectly clean and organized room. My 14 yr old son reminded me of that the other day....LOL...he has fond memories of coming home to a completely rearranged and clean room! Ahhhh, those were the days:)

OK, back to reality! I'm grateful for those years and I'm grateful that after 14 years of not working, I was able to obtain a management position with a company that I love and am growing with. Life is ever-changing and I'm learning to go with the flow. There have been times that I've gotten overwhelmed by not being able to do things in the same way that I once did. I've had to jump into my own realization that I nor anyone else can expect me to be able to accomplish the same things that I did when I was full time at home. It's just not possible! 40 or more hours a week are NOT spent at home now, so I have to give myself some credit and allow myself some slack. I remind myself of this every time that I or someone else tries to measure me up on the "perfect mommy" or "perfect wife" scales! ( Or the perfect housekeeper, cook ,etc. etc. )

Ok, this has been my vent/rant for this week:) Even if noone reads this, I feel better! I'm heading back to work shortly and ready for the next 2 days off so I can get back to finding some frugal & fabulous deals !

Happy Humpday, or as I now say, Wow Wednesday !