Ok, so by now, if you read PART 1 of this post series and if you actively keep a check on our facebook page posts, you know that I don’t just dislike the TLC Extreme Couponing Show, I LOATHE it to the depths of my soul! If I were to write a post just sharing my personal feelings and thoughts on the show, I’m sure I could fill pages. But I’ve chosen to stick to The FACTS on why this show aggrivates me.

We are receiving even more daily questions and complaints from New Couponers that are disappointed in their shopping trips with coupons. TLC Extreme Couponing is to blame without question. As I’ve said before, it’s a REALITY show that has NOTHING to do with the Reality of Smart Couponing to Shop for Free and to save money each week in the stores.

The #1 Reality Check – STORE COUPON POLICIES was posted HERE.

And now we’re on to #2…

Huh? What did I just say ? GANG CUT COUPONS Yes, it’s a foreign term to most. I’m going to try to make this couponing rule as simple as possible to understand.

What you saw on the show: Consumers buying coupons from clipping services, ebay., etc. to score 20, 40, 100 + of the same item for Free or extremely discounted.

Why you can’t do it: This also points back to REALITY CHECK #1 – Store Coupon Policies won’t allow this many identical coupons Reality Check #2 – GANG CUT COUPONS NOT ALLOWED and NOT Reimbursed by Manufacturers to the stores.

For instance: There is a $1.00 off X brand product coupon, which goes on sale for $1 so I can get it free. I order 100 of those coupons from a clipping service.

Here are the facts, as explained to me by my local Rite Aid Store Manager. This is an issue that stores and brand manufacturers are very aware of and are now cracking down on even more so.

Those 100 Coupons were cut with a “Paper Cutter” or even scissors or other device so that you have a nice neat stack of perfectly shaped coupons.

X Brand Manufacturer will not reimburse the store for these. If there are more than 5 coupons with the exact same “Cut” ( GANG CUT ) they are not allowed, not reimbursed. For this reason, the stores won’t allow it-even if you did find one that didn’t have a number limit set on identical coupons.

Can you still stockpile and use a larger quantity of the same coupon? Most grocery stores disallow identical coupons beyond a few- most drug stores however do not have limits currently.

Many of you remember my “Dumpster Dive” where I scored 48 of the $1 off Purex Laundry Detergent Coupons. So, how did I do this?
I called my store manager the week they had it on sale and told her I had 48 of those coupons and that I wanted to make sure they had enough InStock for me to stock up. She told me NOT to cut them-to tear them out or to at least cut them individually so they did not match. I wanted to make sure the store would get reimbursed for all 48 coupons. I made my trip and they tool all 48 of my coupons so I was able to stock up on detergent for less than $1 per bottle.

That’s a score and I didn’t have to break any rules or cause the store a LOSS for it.

She also informed me that the “In-Ad Coupons” in the circulars are at risk by couponers that are redeeming/attempting to redeem Gang Cut coupons.

If the store tries to submit a large number of gang cut coupons which are disallowed-that manufacturer/brand will be less likely to sponsor an in ad promotion or will reduce the coupon value of amount of future in ad coupons.

We all suffer for those that try to cheat the system. And there is NO NEED ! You CAN Coupon wisely and within the boundaries set to stockpile, shop for free and/or save your family a large amount of money each week.

If you’re new to couponing, don’t try to learn from the Reality show. It hurts us all in the end.

Print your store Coupon Policy, Have it with you when you shop and know it well
Learn the rules and educate yourself on Coupon Fraud – YES, using a coupon incorrectly IS Fraud

It’s really that simple! Yes, that’s the Real REALITY…you don’t have to break the rules to save just because you saw it on TV!