KGB Deals

Okay, YES, I know that there are now a million and one Daily Deal sites and you obviously can't check them all! I try to do that for you and alert of the really awesome and rare savings deals as they pop up.

I just found another daily deal site that looks very promising, and I wanted to let you know to Signup now so that when one of those awesome deals pops up, you won't have to take any extra time to snag it and risk a deal selling out!

They might not list your city, but signup anyways as many of their deals are NATIONAL - online deals that anyone can redeem!

I just checked todays deals and they have some awesome National Deals!

KGB Deals offers discounts up to 90% off and appears to be very similar to Groupon, Eversave, etc., utilizing the power of collective buying to bring huge discounts on just about anything!

I'll be keeping an eye on their deals. In the meantime, CLICK HERE to signup now so you'll be ready when something awesome comes along!

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