Melina scored this awesome deal on Wipes at and we wanted to share it here on the blog as well! (If you don't know who Melina is, better "Like" us and check all the awesome deals she posts HERE


I got 720 Pampers Wipes, for just $1.51 from Amazon !! How? Simple...

~First: You have to find a 20% or a $10 AMAZON COUPON, You can find these coupons in the following magazines:

# Parenting: Early Years
# Parents
# Fit Pregnancy
# Mothering
# BabyTalk
# American Baby

You can get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO BABY TALK and AMERICAN BABY MAGAZINE Here and usually Babies 'R Us has these 2 magazines available for free at the registry table.

Also You can get these coupons for free in waiting rooms (doctor’s offices, hair salons, etc), your public library and coffee shops.

~Second: You have to be a member of AMAZON MOM This program will give you a 30% discount when you sign up for the Subscribe & Save option + FREE two-day shipping on select baby products.

Make sure the products you are purchasing have the “Subscribe & Save” box on the side (right under the “Add to Cart” box) and has the Amazon Mom explanation box like these Wipes that I bought HERE

~Third: For this deal, I used the promo code MOMWIPES to get 10% off on Pampers Wipes. The code expires 3/6/11.

Here is the breakdown of my deal:
-One Pampers Soft Care Scented Wipes, 720 Count at $19.19
-Promotion Applied (Amazon Coupon): $10
-Promotion Applied (Amazon Mom): $5.76
-Shipping & Handling: $0
-Promotion Applied (Promo Code MOMWIPES): $1.92
Total OOP for this Order: $1.51

TIP: Remember that You can use your Amazon Gift Certificates from SWAGBUCKS . If you have no idea what "swagbucks" is, you can check out these posts Here to learn more and see all the cash & Free gift cards that You can get from SwagBucks!

*IMPORTANT* After your order has shipped --> CANCEL the ‘Subscribe & Save’ subscription in your account setting!

*NOTE* If You have more than 1 coupon, your Amazon account will only allow you to use one. You’ll have to redeem the other in your spouse’s or another account.

We hope that You get some good deals on Baby Products with these tips!

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