Most of you that know me by now, know that I Never pay retail for anything! There is always another store with a better sale, etc. and it pays to shop around. I can't remember the last time I paid the full retail price for anything!

This includes online shopping...even for some of my most frugal price comparisons, including bidding on Ebay! I will never again make an online purchase without getting CASH BACK for it! Yes, that's right...CASH BACK even from stores like WALMART, TARGET & even GROUPON! If you haven't heard of this before or just aren't doing it...Read on...

I use Ebates, where you can choose from over 1200 stores and even better than that, they have coupon codes listed with each store! So, you can use a coupon code or promo code to save on your purchase AND get Cash Back just for shopping at that store through Ebates!

To top it off, right now you'll get an instant $5 credit if you are new to Ebates!

How is this possible? Think of Ebates as a local mall with over 1,200 different stores, but with one huge difference. Online stores pay Ebates a commission (think of it as a finders' fee) on every sale and they split this amount with the consumer (me & you!). Each store pays a different commission, so users will save different amounts at different stores; users just have to look at the percentage next to the store name to see how much they will save.

Basically, it boils down to NEVER paying retail prices for online purchases! Always use a coupon or promo code to get a discount AND get Cash Back to deepen your discount!

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