Todays Tipster Tuesday is a reminder of another Cash Back Program that I am beginning to utilize more often because there is only a 7-10 day wait for payouts! You definately want to check this one out!

I've been utilizing Cash Back programs for all my online purchases for awhile now and the only thing I didn't like was the lengthy wait for payouts- some only send your Check once per quarter. I figured that was fine, it was still extra money in my pocket equalling an additional discount on whatever I had purchased. Well, I'm not settling any longer...I've found a better way!

Shopscotch is another Cash Back Program, similar to my all time fave, Ebates. Unlike other cash back programs out there, Shopscotch members don’t have to wait every quarter before they can cash out. Shopscotch members can redeem at any time, and be paid within 7-10 days.

WOOHOO!! That means if you are making a larger purchase, you can get that nice hefty Cash Back payment about a week later! This is very exciting to me and hopefully to all of us that have been utilizing these extra cash offers!

Membership to Shopscotch is Free and quick. They have partnered with hundreds of top brands including eBay, GAP, Staples, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Macy's and Apple. This great new Cash Back Program also continues to add new stores every day so you can earn Cash Back for most all your online shopping!

If you are purchasing ANYTHING online at any time and NOT using a Cash Back Program...well, that's just like saying you don't want extra money in your pocket! And if you're like me and having been taking advantage of Cash Back Rewards, you definately want to check out Shopscotch and get your payouts without the wait!

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