Discount Merchant Gift Cards

As the Holidays approach, I'm reposting this as a reminder that you can purchase Gift Cards to your favorite stores like Target, Walmart, CVS, Macy's, JCPenney, Bath & Body Works and even Lowe's,(just to name a few) for LESS THAN THE FACE VALUE DOLLAR AMOUNT?

Yes, it's true! I was so amazed when I checked it out for myself and purchased a Bath & Body Works Gift Card for my daughter for her birthday! The card was worth $100 and I only paid $88 for it! has discounted merchant gift cards for gas stations, grocery stores, department stores, and more. They also have a clearance section for even bigger discounts on select merchant gift cards! This just blows my mind and I'm so glad I found this site! I'm treating it like using a $ off $$ transaction coupon and grabbing up the ones for stores I know I shop on a regular basis!

The available cards and amounts come and go very quickly, so if you check the list and see one that is a huge deal - like a JCPenney one that I saw for $24.50 less that the face value of the card. I've also noticed that the discount seems larger on cards with larger face dollar amounts, which can be some great savings for Christmas Shopping or to give as gifts year round!

Up to 25% off at your favorite retailers!

CLICK HERE to checkout and see all the Gift Cards currently available for purchase at up to 25% off their Face Value!

I also found an AWESOME Bonus to their site - you can sell your leftover or unwanted Gift Cards for cash! This is, of course, how they get the majority of their gift cards and can offer such great discounts! So, if you have some gift cards you don't plan to use, no matter what odd dollar amount might be left on them, you can Signup Here and redeem them for Cash!
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