PRODUCT REVIEW: Brilliant Lenses Eyeglass Cleaner and Protector by Black Diamond

Ok, so I confess. I really am quite the "glasses wearing nerd" these days...especially as much time as I spend working online! I have not given in to getting Contacts...*YET* and I am finding that I have to wear my glasses more and more often these days.

So, when I got the opportunity to try Black Diamond's Brilliant Lenses eyeglass cleaner, I was very excited! I'm constantly hunting for something to clean my glasses!

When I got the package in the mail, I was quite surprised at the size of the atomized spray bottle of cleaner..about the size of those skinny tubes of lipstick. Not only that, but the set included 2 of the spray bottles and of course, the must have micro-fiber cloth. It even comes in it's own little satin draw string package, so you don't have to plunder through your purse to find it all!

I immediately had to clean both my glasses with it! WOW! I don't think I'll go cheap on lense cleaner ever again! The results were uncomparable!

Black Diamond's Brilliant Lenses eyeglass cleaner has the added benefit of SR-8, a polymer additive that reduces surface tension, leaving lenses with a protective, water-repellent finish. For this reason, I had to pull out all my sunglasses and even used it on my cell phone screens and other items!

Brilliant Lenses is not a scratch remover, but it does act as a scratch preventer, since dirt and other abrasives have a hard time clinging to lenses treated with SR-8. Each surface I tried it on cleaned up nicely, and now seems to collect less dust, which is a definate plus for eyeglasses !

I would have never imagined getting excited about a cleaner for glasses, but I have to say that I really LOVE this product! If you're looking for a great lense cleaner, I highly recommend Brilliant Lenses Eyeglass Cleaner and Protector by Black Diamond.

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Disclosure:This Product Was provided to me for the purpose of this Review at No Charge My opinions of this product were in no way influenced by any form of compensation.

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