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WOW! The Deals the last few days have been incredible and they aren't stopping yet! I love it! I can get some serious Christmas shopping done this way at Huge Savings and without leaving the house to fight crowds!

I was checking out Taste of Home because right now they are offering 20% OFF + Free Shipping on orders of $20 or more and I found this HUGE Clearance section (Click "SALE" at the top of page) with Many of items on sale for $4.99 or Less and another category (on the left menu) with even more on sale for $9.99 or less!

I got this super cute Chrome Plated Cupcake Stand. I usually put cupcakes on a large plate and they bump into each other, mess up the icing and well, maybe you gets messy! I thought this was not only an adorable way to display cupcakes for parties & such, but also great to keep them from getting messy!

And it's ONLY $4.99...WOOHOO! I had to snag a couple extras for friends that I know will enjoy having them to display their beautiful cupcakes and appreciate the no-mess part!

I'm sure the $4.99 & under items will sell out quickly, so HEAD OVER HERE and select the "SALE" tab at the top of the page to check them out. Make sure to peruse the $9.99 or less Deals too! There are some AWESOME COOKBOOKS priced at $7.99, $5.99 & $4.99 !

It's been a great week to get some early Christmas Shopping done...the under $10 deals just keep coming! Happy Shopping!