I've mentioned before that Diabetes runs rampant on both sides of my family. Both of my boys have a high probability of developing Diabetes and my 15 year old's Physician currently recommends that we keep a check on his blood sugar levels as they always tend to be high when in his office. I'm so glad that we got our Free Blood Sugar Monitor awhile back!

Diabetic Tools is a wonderful site filled with Healthy Diabetic Recipes and other valuable information and tips if you either have or care for someone with Diabetes. You may also qualify for a NO COST METER!

They have many Free tools available and my favorite is a new one that helps you easily track your blood sugar tests on your computer.

It automatically calculates before and after meal averages and Graphs results so you can spot trends. WOW! Gone are the days of all the notepad writing and tracking! This makes it so simple!

I've found this site to be a wealth of information with lots of Free Tools right at your fingertips!

CLICK HERE to join Diabetic Tools for FREE and also see if you qualify for a No Cost Meter !