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Most of you may have picked up on the fact that I LOVE anything and everything to do with working in my yard, from some of my posts about Gardening. This is a great new offer that I've participated in in the past and it just became available again!

Gardening How-To Magazine is a wonderful resource packed full of gardening tips & "How-To" articles. In addition to their magazine, they have a "Club" for Gardeners with many benefits, one of which is Product Testing!

I personally took advantage of this deal about a year ago. I got a pair of FREE Gardening Shears immediately, several seed packets and a bit later I got a HummingBird Feeder. Once I received them, I returned a review about them and that was it!

Here's the Deal and how to get your FREE ISSUE of Gardening How-To Magazine and more info about the National Home Gardening Club to become a product tester!

Sign up for a risk-free trial membership in the National Home Gardening Club! Members of the club get expert gardening tips, test & keep gardening products, swap seeds & more! You will get a FREE issue of Gardening How-To & FREE Gardening Shears just for signing up for the Free Trial .

Once you receive your first issue of the magazine and the info about their Gardening Club you can :

A) Join the Gardening Club FREE and become a product tester to test & keep Gardening Products Free


B) Write "Cancel" on the request to subscribe invoice that is sent, keep your FREE Issue and FREE Gardening Shears

This is a great offer, whether you simply try it out or decide to join the Gardening Club!

CLICK HERE to take advantage of this offer!
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