I've mentioned before that I was extremely blessed in my first marriage to have been a Stay At Home Mom for 12 years. That decision was made when my second child was born and we were faced with the cost of 2 children in daycare. 2 children turned into 3 and I was a full blown homemaking, cookie baking, over-organized, adult conversation deprived, sweat pants wearing Mommy. I never gave in to the mini-van however! SUV with a third row seat was my mommy mobile of choice!

Those years taught me so much about being a mom, a wife and a homemaker. You can read more in my "ABOUT ME" Confessions HERE.

Fast forward through the diapers, first days of school for all 3 of my children and into our life today - this year they are or will be ages 19, 15 and 10 and I'm a GrandMommy! In the midst of the fast forward, there were many life lessons, experiences, trials, failures & successes that all brought me to where I am today and who I am. Funny how life does that.

It is in that respect that I can tell you, without a doubt, and with great clarity, that I am a Work At Hom Mom. The Stay At Home Mom & Work At Home Mom terms tend to get lumped together. Having been on both sides of that fence, I'm here to clarify the differences.

No, this is not a debate! Both roles are equally time consuming, have their ups & downs and are commendable. With that said, it is my intent to share my experiences as a Work At Hom Mom and as a Stay At Home Mom, for so many of you that email me daily and have a desire to do so, as well, with no clue how to budget and transition your finances and/or lifestyle into either one.

If you choose to be a Stay At Hom Mom, I am here to share the ups & downs of being at home, as well as some insights and tips for how to live on one income. I will be publishing a series of posts, just for you, titled "Becoming A Stay At Home Mom".

For those of you that would like to begin building an income in order to become a Work At Home Mom, whether to replace your current workplace income or to begin a new venture in your life, I will be publishing a series of posts, just for you, titled "Becoming A Work At Home Mom".

Stay Tuned...both of these series of posts will be jam packed with lessons, failures & successes that helped me along the way!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you consider yourself a Work At Home Mom (WAHM), Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) or if you work outside the home!