Government & Police Auctions

My friends and family are always amazed when they compliment me on something and I tell them how much I paid for it. Whether it's jewelry, clothes or household decor and items, I haven't paid anywhere near retail price for anything in years! Of course, you all know by now that I'm addicted Ebay, Yard Sales and Flea Markets, but there is also another Huge way to save that I haven't told you about before!

Government Auctions ! A few years back I discovered the state auction website for North Carolina and was just blown away by the deals to be gotten. Schools, Banks and businesses of all sorts sell items like Computers & Laptops that are in perfect working condition, just because their system was upgraded! Sometimes they sell in "bulk", but at prices less than one item would retail at in stores. I was amazed, and hooked instantly!

Since discovering all the local sites I could, I also found this much larger site where the amount of items and variance of types of items being auctioned is just unreal! They acquire items from state and local government surplus sales. They have many items that have been seized for whatever reason-including jewelry, appliances, televisions and even vehicles. You really just have to see it all to believe it!

I was online checking out the newest auction listings when I realized that they are now offering FREE TRIAL Access, so that you can see for yourself! This site has been featured on CNBC, Newsweek Magazine and really is a Frugal Find !

CLICK HERE to check it out for yourself! I've been snagging deals through them for over a year and love it as much as I do Ebay and my other Frugal Shopping avenues!

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