Who doesn't LOVE Dr. Seuss? I vividly remember reading Wacky Wednesday and Green Eggs & Ham when I was little! So, of course, as each of my 3 children became old enough to start reading, I got them their own Dr. Seuss Book Club membership! They were always so excited to get another Dr. Seuss book in the mail! I, of course, loved the fact that they were excited about reading along with the convenience and SAVINGS!

I've written before about HOW TO UTILIZE CLUBS & MEMBERSHIPS FOR SERIOUS SAVINGS and this is another to add to my list of favorite membership/club based offers to help you save!

When you join the Dr. Seuss & Friends Book Club you get 2 FREE storybooks plus a FREE Tote Bag to carry them all in. My kids absolutely loved having their own special bag for their Dr. Seuss Collection! Aside from the savings issue, this was one of the greatest way to get them involved in choosing books that would actually want to read and taking care of them (since they come with the free Dr. Seuss bag!)

As with all clubs and membership based offers, you can utilize the ability to save by getting the free promotional offers by making sure that you either login or reply to any automated shipments and of course, you can easily cancel at any time. This is one that I never cancelled right away because my kids enjoyed the books so much!

CLICK HERE to choose your 2 FREE BOOKS and get your FREE TOTE BAG just for signing up with Dr. Seuss & Friends!