I just transmitted the following email to Food Lion Corporate and will let you all know what their response is. Never underestimate the power of writing a letter....

Dear Food Lion,
I'm writing for 2 reasons, with hopes to get both resolved in a timely manner.
I am a work at home mom with a household of 7. I budget extremely well and utilize coupons, so that we can afford to basicly live on 1 income even more comfortably than we did on 2.

I also teach others how to use coupons and live well on a budget. I run a website that receives over 2500 unique visitors per day, seeking coupons and also tips on how to save with them.

Recently, on a shopping trip to my local Food Lion, I was greatly insulted with no conceivable basis. I handed the cashier my coupons and without more than a glance at the coupons (not even to see the Manufacturer name, amount,etc.) he handed them back to me and said "These are Fraudulent Coupons".

Now, had he actually had any type of basis for this opinion, I'm sure that cashier training would have required him to seek a manager or other authority, or to tell me that he needed to verify something or what have you. This did not happen at all. He blatantly, with no foundation, said "These Coupons Are Fraudulent".

Being an extreme couponer for over 15 years now, I'm very well aware that there are fraudulent coupons floating around. I spend 8-12 hrs per day online teaching others how to use coupons, sharing reliable coupon sources online (Brand websites,,, & social media)and warning them of fraudulent coupons as they are reported by Manufacturers (as with the recent Doritos or any Internet Printables for P&G Brand products).

To have a cashier accuse me of coupon fraud within less than a second of being handed my coupons, is uncalled for, to say the very least.

After he handed them back to me, I laughed at the absurdity of his accusation and requested a manager. The Assistant Manager came over and continued with his ignorance about coupons. I gave her my business card and referenced my HUGE binder filled with coupons and she finally, reluctantly, said "we will allow you to use them this one time" as if THEY WERE fraudulent? Noone looked up anything or even looked at the coupons to see what they were for. It was just their opinion.

This is HORRIBLE Customer Service. As much money as Brand Manufacturers put into announcing coupons available for print in social media, as well as on TV, as does FOOD LION itself, this is just a huge case of ignorance as to the coupon resources available to consumers.

This store needs serious traning on coupon acceptance and the Food Lion policy, as well as procedure rules, should they encounter a fraudulent coupon, without insulting a customer and accusing them of fraud.

Please forward to me a copy of the Official Food Lion Store Coupon Acceptance Policy. I would like to have a printed copy with me in case I ever encounter such ignorance with your employees again.

I have greatly reduced my shopping at Food Lion and am now shopping instead at Harris Teeter, Ingles and our Super Walmart, based on this experience. My coupons and my money are very welcome in these grocery stores. The insult and totally uncalled for disrepect of a long time customer in your store is not something that will be easily forgotten.

Thank you,

Wendy Little
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