WOOHOO! Just in time for this cold weather, one of my favorite Deals is back! I know I've mentioned all the FREE STUFF I've gotten from Gevalia and how much I LOVE their Gourmet Flavored Coffees. I've been getting their coffee and freebies for at least 10 years now!

I really LOVE my 12 Cup Stainless Steel CoffeeMaker! I got it FREE initially, for trying their Coffee, which I'm in love with! I will never go back to buying store coffee...that's why I never snag it, even when I have enough coupons and sales to get it free! Nothing compares to Gevalia Coffee!

I'm excited to say that they just brought back my favorite deal where I got the 12 Cup Programmable Stainless Steel CoffeeMaker, that you see pictured above. It is one of several coffeemakers that I've gotten from them over the years. This one is my favorite! You pay just $19.95 for 2 boxes of Coffee and get the 12-cup stainless steel digital programmable coffeemaker AND a stainless steel coffee scoop or Travel Mug, ($108.00 value) ABSOLUTELY FREE !

Once you receive your order, just Login to their site and either cancel or suspend their automated shipments (6 week intervals is the default until you change it). You can also just change the frequency, which is what I do, because I LOVE their coffee and will never buy coffee in a store again!

I've gotten so many freebies from them! The ceramic mugs you see pictured were FREE for different orders and the Tall Burgandy one they sent to me on my Birthday last year! I also have an awesome Stainless Steel Waffle Iron and a Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster that I got from them over the past year for trying Seasonal Flavors, etc.. They usually put a sampler pack of their newest flavors in my shipments and occasionally will have gourmet chocolates and/or cookies as a Freebie, which are scrumptious!

The FREE Stainless Steel CoffeeMaker would be quite expensive in stores - I've seen similar ones upwards of $89.99 or more. My favorite flavors are the French Vanilla and the Irish Creme. They are just perfect when it's cold outside!

CLICK HERE to checkout all the flavor choices for Coffee or Tea and ck out more on this promotion for the FREE CoffeeMaker & Travel Mug! Remember, It's a Limited Time offer and I'm not sure how long it will last this time!