Save Money Eating Out with Restaurant Gift Certificates - I got $100 worth for just $8

Restaurant Gift Certificates 80% off!

It's back again! Time to snag up those Restaurant Gift Certificates for just 2 bucks !! That's right, just $2 will get you a $25 Gift Certificate to use at the restaurant of your choice! Haven't heard about this yet? Here's a quick overview and you can see my purchase above, where I paid just $8 for 3 Gift Certificates totalling $100 to my favorite local restaurants!
Visit and search for restaurants in your area. Choose your favorites and check to see what Gift Certificate Denominations they offer. Pay attention the the "required total purchase". With my huge family, this is never an issue, but some restaurants will have for example a $75 requirement for a $50 Gift Certificate.
Just choose your gift certificate, Use code: ENJOY at checkout, purchase and Print!
The Gift Certificate does not expire until 1 year from the date of purchase/print.

These make very inexpensive Gifts, as well as for a great way to eat out on a regular basis without breaking the bank!It's also a great way to try out some new restaurants in your area!
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