A Frugal & Very FABULOUS Exclusive Sale Shopping Site w/ $5 Credit on first order!

Modnique Online Sale and $5 Credit

Modnique ( Modern & Unique ) is a very Exclusive Shopping Site. Think L.A., New York and Chicago designers & trends, all wrapped up into one sale event with some Huge discounts!

Now, you know I'm the rock bottom bargain price shopper, so honestly some of the prices, you would never catch me paying! But, when I compare the Original Price to the Sale Price for designer items, I know it is a great deal for many. For instance, a Christian Lacroix scarf and handkerchief sale that just ended and the prices ranged from $6 to $22 for scarves that originally retailed from between $30 to $122. Or the Christian Dior Sunglasses sale that just ended with sunglasses up to 80% off.

What I did find and fall in love with was a HUGE Sale on Bags & Pocketbooks...of course, that is one of my splurges...yes, we can be frugal and still splurge! So check out the photo above...(I, of course am head over heels for the Pink & Black Oversized Sequined Bag / Tote) Kitson L.A. Bags up to 70% off Store Prices is a definate must see ! There are some beautiful and some cute & trendy bags, wallets, etc. and here's the best part: Sale Priced as low as $10 !! AND you get a $5 shopping credit just for signing up for FREE as a VIP Shopper (gives you access to the sales pricing).

Visit Modnique, it a definate must see! Just submit your email and you'll have access to the sale pricing and special previews of upcoming sales. They hooked me with the Kitson LA Bag sale!

300x250 Designer Brands - 85% off