FREE at RITEAID THIS WEEK ! I got 26 items for $5.70, $98.66 Coupon Savings week of 05/2 - 05/08

RiteAid Deals this week

I snagged my Rite Aid Freebies on Sunday and promised to post the matchups for you all, so here we go!
Final Cost = $ 5.70 for 26 Items, $98.66 COUPON SAVINGS !!

RiteAid Deals this week

If you are new to RiteAid SCR, Wellness Program, Stacking Coupons and/or their Video Values Program, Make sure you read my tips for utilizing all the savings available to you at RiteAid

I split my items into 2 separate transactions, so that I could utilize all the VIDEO VALUES and WELLNESS $ off per transaction Q's.

I used 2 separate $5 off $25 transaction Q's, one from the Wellness Program and one from the VideoValues Program. Also from the Wellness Program, I used the following weekly Wellness Q's with each transaction:
*Remember that the "purchase total" required to use these coupons is the cost of the items BEFORE discounting with any other coupons.
$1 off any $10 Household Purchase
$1 off any $10 Skin Care Purchase
$2 off any $10 Hair Care Purchase
$.50 off any $5 Snack Purchase
Right off the top you can see that those coupons alone took $14.50 off my purchases. Then I used the following Manufacturer Coupons Printed Online, combined with clipped Sunday Paper Coupons and also stacked those with Rite Aid In-Ad Circular Coupons and RiteAid Video Values Coupons. So each item could have a total of 4 coupons, in addition to those $ off per transaction Q's above.

Below is that breakdown. I try to remember exactly where I got the Q's that I used. If you follow me on Facebook and this blog,you have the same Q's that I do because I post them as I find them! My purpose in sharing these matchups is not so much to give you the deals(which is nice, too!) but is to get you thinking about the process of matching up with the sales and stacking coupons, so that you can do the same for yourself every week! Once you get in the habit of doing this, just using 1 coupon will seem so absurd to you!

AcneFree Terminator Spot Treatment $5.99
In Ad Coupon -5.00
Purchased 2,used 2 $5 Q's
Stacked with $1 off Beauty (Wellness Q)
Final Cost = $.98cents total for 2

Vitamin Water Reg. 1/$1.59 - Sale .99cents
Use Sunday Paper Coupon to buy 2 -.99cents off
Final Cost = .99cents total for 2

Fructis Shampoo and Conditioner Reg. 1/$4.29 -Sale 1/$3
Use 2 Sunday Paper Coupons for $1 off
Stacked with $1 off Video Values Q
Final Cost = $1.50 each (absorbed by overall transaction Q's)

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Reg. 1/1.99 -Sale 1/$.99cent
Use 2 P&G BrandSaver Q's to buy 2 -.50cent each
Final Cost = $.98cents Total for 2

Nivea Body Wash Reg 1/$6.99 -Sale 1/$3.99
Use Sunday Paper Coupon for -$4.00
Final Cost = FREE ( I had 3 Q's so I got 3 FREE!)

Johnson & Johnson Baby HairCare Reg. 1/3.99 -Sale 1/$2.99
Use In Ad Coupon for -$1
Use Sunday Paper Coupon for -$1
Final cost = $.99 (Used 2 of each Q and got 2 J&J items for $.99each!)

Lysol Sanitizing Wipes Reg 1/$3.49 BOGO SALE
Use 2 Sunday Paper Coupons for $.50cent off each one
Final Cost = $1.24 each (absorbed by Overall Transaction Q's)

Always & Carefree Pantyliners Reg 1/$1.49-1.59 Sale .99cents
Use Sunday Paper Coupons for -$1 off each
Final Cost = .49cent each or 59cent each (I used 3 Q's got 3)

Fig Newtons 4-8oz Pack Reg 1/$2.19 Sale 4/$5.00
Use Overall Snack Transaction Q -$.50 off
4 for $4.50 (Absorbed by overall transaction Q's & overages)

Covergirl Foundation & Powder Reg. 1/$6.99 Sale BOGO
Use BOGO Sunday Paper Coupon
Final Cost = FREE

Tresemme Fresh Start HairCare 1/$5.49 Regular Price
Use -$1 off overall HairCare Wellness Q (If you buy 2)
Use -$2 Manufacturer Printable Coupon
Use -$1 off Video Values Q
Final Cost = $1.49 each -(I purchased 2 "filler" & "overage" items)

My Final Cost = $ 5.70 26 Items, $98.66 COUPON SAVINGS !

There are MANY awesome deals this week at Rite Aid! Lots of BOGO sales for even more great coupon stacking matchups! I report based on my own purchases and household needs.

What did you score for FREE at Rite Aid this week?
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